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Ariana and Tamir’s Wedding | PGA National Perfect Wedding

These two. I just cannot even contain my excitement for sharing their photos. Not just because I love how they turned out, but also because I ADORE this couple and their families!

From the moment I talked with Ariana about her wedding, I knew their wedding would be beautiful. We actually never got to meet before the wedding because they don’t leave nearby, and their wedding itself was not in Orlando. We had to just settle for phone calls and emails, and it was just fine! But when I walked into the hotel room, I was greeted with giant smiles, a happy, easy-going bride, and and big hugs all around! I honestly felt like family right away!

Their wedding was everything a wedding should be. HAPPY (first and foremost), elegant, full of love from every angle, full of laughter anywhere you turned.

Ariana and Tamir incorporated so many amazing Jewish traditions into their wedding, which really made me feel like home. I just love when I can sing along to the Horah while everyone dances in a giant circle and has the time of their lives! 

Thank you so much, Ariana and Tamir, for including me in such a special day. Your wedding was magical, just like the love that you two have (cornyyyy, I know).

I adore you and I cannot wait to get the rest of your photos to you soon!!!

Rollins College Engagement Session | Orlando Wedding Photographer

Nisha and Jason…oh my. You two are just perfection together!

Thanks to the wonderful Nicole with Pave Weddings, these two found me and decided to book me for their big day. I am SO thankful for that. The moment I spoke with Nisha on the phone, I knew we were going to get alone really well! She has such an easy-going, loving personality, and I couldn’t wait to meet her at their session!

We met up a few weeks ago at beautiful Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, and we just couldn’t have gotten luckier with the weather. It was perfect for their engagement session!

I absolutely cannot wait for your big day. You two are amazing, and I know we’re going to have such a great time celebrating you in January!


December 4, 2018 - 3:10 am

Steve - Absolutely gorgeous!! Love so many of them.

North Carolina Mountain Wedding | Sivan Photography

Listen, I’m going to go ahead and put this out there before I dive into this freaking gorgeous wedding. If you want to fly me and my second photographer to another state or country to photograph your wedding, I will happily oblige!

Now…living in Orlando, FL means no mountains. It means no seasons, either. So when Chelsey and Charlie asked me to photograph their wedding in the mountains of North Carolina, you better believe I said yes without thinking twice! And I will say…the moment we stepped out of the Atlanta Airport and got a breath of the cool, fresh air, I knew it was going to be a GREAT weekend.

When I met these two lovebirds for their engagement session in Baldwin Park, I like to think it was photographer-client love at first sight! We hit it off immediately, and their session was just beautiful. I mean…look at them. Love just oozes between them. How can their photos be anything but magical?!

Their wedding at Hawskdene in Andrews, North Carolina was something out of a fairy tale. This venue has it all. I am pretty sure that all but a handful of guests stayed on property (such a great option, especially for a destination wedding!), and we found ourselves an adorable Air BnB just 10 minutes down the road.

My absolute favorite part about this venue, among MANY, is that during cocktail hour, they take you up to a beautiful viewing point on the mountain. We went up there for gorgeous sunset photos, and the views were just breathtaking!

I could go on and on…and ON…about this wedding. The couple, the guests, the vendors, the owners of the venue (amazing), the weather…this wedding had.it.all. And Katelynn and I were so thankful that Chelsey and Charlie put their trust in us, flew us up for it, and allowed us to share in their most joyous occasion with them!

Enjoy this gorgeous wedding, and I hope you can feel the cool North Carolina air and abundance of happiness as you look through them!

North Carolina Mountain Wedding | Sivan Photography


Brandy and KC’s Elegant Backyard Wedding | Orlando Wedding Photographer

I’ve known Brandy for quite some time now through a great mutual friend of ours. When she got engaged and asked me to photograph her wedding, you guys better believe I was beside myself with excitement! She is such a beautiful person inside and out, and I knew that her fiance would be just as great as her!

Their engagement session was perfection, and I highly recommend checking it out!

Brandy and KC decided to tie the knot in their own backyard. Their neighbors graciously offered to share in the joy and allow them to use their yard as well! That meant double the space, and double the room for a great party! It really was such a beautiful evening.

Their backdrop for the ceremony was a lovely lake, and the skies were so perfectly clear that day. It’s like the universe just knew that these two were having an outdoor wedding and that it was time to play nice!

We so whole-heartedly enjoyed being part of your wedding, KC and Brandy. You guys compliment each other so well, and it’s obvious you were meant to be together. The love I saw between not just you guys, but also your entire family….it was beautiful. I went home that evening and I told my husband all about it. There really is something so special about your family, and I felt so lucky to be able to be part of this amazing day in your lives.

Enjoy your wedding feature! You guys make my heart smile!:)

Ashley and Trevor | Jacksonville Engagement Session | Sivan Photography

Ashley and Trevor are getting married in summer 2019, and well…I expect there to be something involving Chic-Fil-A there!

Ashley is a die-hard CFA lover, and so it only made sense to start off their engagement session there! It was super adorable, and delicious!

The 2nd part of their engagement session was at the Jacksonville skyline. It was a gorgeous day with beautiful clear skies, and pretty much the perfect day for these two love birds to snuggle together and be adorable!

Enjoy their sneak peek!


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