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Charlotte and Mike are Expecting! | Orlando Maternity Photographer | Sivan Photography

This beautiful momma to be is up on the blog today, and holy moly. I cannot handle her beauty!

I met Charlotte through the wedding industry, and I am so thankful that I did! Her and her family are some of the sweetest, most loving and caring people I’ve ever met. When I found out that Charlotte was pregnant (and with a girl!), I knew her world was complete. She and Mike are opening up their hearts for even more love, and it’s such a beautiful journey that I’m beyond thrilled for them to experience together!

Thank you for choosing me to capture these sweet moments for you!!

The Smart Container We All Need | WePlenish | Never Run Out

Guys…I’m about to blow your minds, and save you from ever running out of your favorite coffee/snacks again!

Today (well, always) I am a proud wife. But why today more-so than other days? Because today my husband, along with an amazing team, has officially launched a product that has been in the works for three years. THREE YEARS! That’s a freaking long time, guys.

My husband, my brother, and a handful of other talented people have been working religiously on a product that not only helps us (you, me, coffee/snack lovers alike) in our daily routine, but one that is kick-starting a huge technological shift.

In case you haven’t noticed, this post is not going to be about photography today. It was really important to me that I share about it with my community though because, well…we want this product in your kitchen, office, etc!

WePlenish is not just your average container that is the holder of all stuff. No, this is THE container. The smart container. The container that not only keeps your coffee pods and snacks organized, but it reorders your products for you. Yes, you read that right. It learns you and your consumption rate. Drink 1 coffee a day? No problem! This container will know exactly when to order your next batch (maybe in a month??). Do you drink 10 cups of coffee a day, or maybe your office coffee supply is constantly running low because people consume their caffeine quickly and whoever is in charge of ordering just can’t keep up. You know you’ve been there! “Ahh, I’m going to take a coffee break for 10 minutes now…” as you walk over to the coffee machine only to see Joe sipping on the LAST CUP OF COFFEE. Well have no fear, the solution is FINALLY available and can be yours for a seriously affordable price (especially if you are an early bird Kickstarter supporter!). But seriously, don’t wait because there are only a certain number of Early Bird Smart Containers available! Your co-workers will LOVE you for this as they will never have to curse Joe under their breath again for taking that last coffee pod! Your WePlenish container will always be full. How freaking cool is that?

Are you a mom/dad? Imagine that early morning (guys…our baby wakes up at 5:30am…we KNOW early mornings) and you walk over to grab a delicious cup of coffee to start the early day….only to remember you ran out yesterday morning and completely forgot to go buy more at the store. Well in case you’re wondering, this has not been an issue in our home for a while because our coffee is always stocked by our WePlenish container and ready for our super early mornings! Be like us. Have your coffee available at a moments notice!

This is not just your average garage project. This has been (and is being) blogged nation wide by huge companies such as CNET.com, another CNET blog, Brit + Co, and many more to come! It’s also already been featured as the Gadget of the Week by WIOD 610 AM by Jimmy Cefalo. And it was launched not even 4 hours ago!!

I want you guys to stop reading my blog now and CLICK THIS LINK. Watch the video (you’ll see both my husband and brother in it!), read about it, look at the pretty photos, and then PLEDGE. Whether you want to simply support our families by pledging a few bucks, or if you want one (or more! There are bulk options!) of these amazing smart containers for yourself, or if you want to go for the gusto and select one of the more elite options…anything is appreciated. And then, let that little pointer finger of yours click the “share” button on Facebook and SHARE SHARE SHARE.


Photo Featuring Ro Grosman (CEO) and Craig Rettew (CTO)

The Smart Container We All Need | WePlenish | Never Run Out

Sweet Siblings | Mommy and Me Session | Orlando Family Photographer

Arielle and her two babies (YES, I am still calling them babies…time is going by way too fast!) are featured on the blog today! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I. ADORE. THIS. FAMILY.

I have photographed Kari since she was in her momma’s belly, then multiple sessions over the years. Then I heard that Arielle was pregnant, this time with a baby boy! I was so honored when they came to me to photograph Arielle’s pregnancy with Bennett this time!

Each session gets better and better, which I don’t know how that’s possible since each session with them seems un-toppable (<– how do you like my made up word?)!

Kari and Bennett have such a sweet sibling love. All she wants to do is kiss, hug, and nurture him. That little girl has such a love for people, which is incredible to see at such a young age. And Bennett..well he reminds me of my Landon! They are very close in age, and I see SO many similar characteristics between these boys. Arielle…we NEED to set up a play date. Seriously!

Anyway, thank you for joining me in the Mommy and Me Mini Marathon. I appreciate you!!

Sweet Siblings | Mommy and Me Session | Orlando Family Photographer

Porcelain Doll Baby Girl | Mommy and Me Session | Orlando Family Photographer

Oh sweet, sweet baby Emily, how ridiculously loved you are! This baby girl is the daughter of one of my all-time favorite couples! I remember everything from our very first (LONG!!—we couldn’t stop talking! haha!) meeting at the studio, to their engagement session, their wedding, and now…this. This beautiful little girl right here, with blue eyes, porcelain doll skin, and love like no other for her momma, was a dream to photograph!

These two joined us for our Mommy and Me Mini Session marathon, and I am so happy they did. I adore how the session went and how the photos came out, and I just..well..I just adore THEM!


Porcelain Doll Baby Girl | Mommy and Me Session | Orlando Family Photographer

A Sparkly High School Graduation | Orlando Senior Session | Sivan Photography

Aliyah is graduating from high school, and I couldn’t be more excited to have been the one to get to photograph her for it! High school graduation is such an enormous milestone in life. It’s the entrance into adulthood (whether you feel ready for it or not!!), and the celebration of a great accomplishment.

I have been photographing Aliyah’s family (mom, sisters — 4 sisters total!–, nieces, nephews!) for years now, and FINALLY it was Aliyah’s turn to shine! And shine SO bright she did. She also brought glitter so we could make it an extra sparkly session. If you know me, you know that I looooove all that glitters.

The outfits that Aliyah chose for her photo shoot were perfection. She started off with a very sweet maxi dress that was amazing for twirling. She then changed into an adorable white shorts/blue crop top for outfit #2, and outfit #3 was a more casual one with torn jeans and a white off-the-shoulder crop top. Seriously. Perfection!

Thank you for letting me be part of yet another sweet moment in your family’s lives. I adore you all and am beyond excited for you on your upcoming graduation! Go get ’em, girl!!

A Sparkly High School Graduation | Orlando Senior Session | Sivan Photography


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