Ashlea and Alan | Engagement Session | Orlando Wedding Photographer | Sivan Photography

Honestly though. These two couldn’t get any cuter if they tried. But that’s the thing…they are so effortlessly cute and perfect together, which made my job behind the camera that much more exciting!

We all know that women love getting their photos taken. We love to dress up, feel beautiful, and be smothered in love by our honey-bunches with photos as evidence that they really can be affectionate! 😉 Guys, on the other hand, don’t always get quite as excited about being in front of the camera for 1-2 hours, especially when it involves kissing and snuggling! (though we have been pretty lucky to always have cooperative, happy guys even still!). Alan was definitely one of those guys who doesn’t care the situation…he’s going to love on his bride from sun up to sun down! He twirled her, kissed her, squeezed her, and made her laugh…a lot! 

We absolutely cannot wait for your wedding VERY soon! You two are an amazing couple and we’re so lucky and honored to be your photographers. The countdown is on! <3

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