Bella, sweet Bella

I had such a great time photographing sweet little Bella this week for her 1 year birthday. I have been dying to get my hands on a really cute fluffy tutu, and I finally found one! Good thing Bella’s session was coming up just days after I got the tutu, because she was the perfect little model for it! I was also excited to find my red tutu from my very first dance recital, and she modeled that for me as well ! Bella’s mom did the best job at getting her to smile. It was funny knowing she was behind me jumping up and down making funny noises, and Bella was definitely amused! I am really happy with how the photos came out! I love using props for photos, and thankfully Bella’s mom loves them too:)She brought the ultimate prop – a nice, colorful, messy cupcake! Bella was in the zone as soon as she got her little hands on it! Here are some photos from the session! To see more, visit my website ( or my Facebook fan page (type in Sivan Photography [with the space between the words]) under the “Sweet Kids” album!

Apparently her room is decorated in fairies, so why not put Tink in a picture?:)I had some fun with the fairy thing as you’ll see below…

My favorite

I love that you can see how fluffy that tutu is in here. And Bella is so angelic, too.

This tutu was part of my very first tap costume when I was little! I’m glad those expensive costumes are finally being used again!

Bring on the cupcake!

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