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Many of you know this, many of you don’t, so I’ll give the short and sweet version of our story.

My wonderful husband and I got married in 2011. After spending a couple of years enjoying married life, we decided it was time to start a family. Well…I guess what we decided wasn’t what the universe had in store for us. For 4 years, we tried to have a precious little baby. We did manage to get pregnant on our own three times one year, which just left us with questions, confusion, and heartache. Why weren’t we getting pregnant easily? Why when we did get pregnant, were we losing them sooo early? And of course the most commonly asked question I had..“what’s wrong with me?” Ugh. It was just a dark time for us, but we put on our happy faces and kept on going forward. Month after month I would tell myself “you’re getting closer to a baby, not further.”

Fast forward to many failed fertility treatments, more shots than I can count, and a plethora of hormones zipping through my body…and still, we were without child. Finally, we found the right doctor for us. Someone who listened, truly cared, and didn’t look at us as another number. We decided that IVF (in-vitro fertilization) was the path for us. At this point, what did we have to lose (besides a crap ton of money…but that’s beside the point and worth it ALL!)?

And we are, one year and 2 months since we implanted our sweet, amazing little embryo who grew into the most incredible, smart, hilarious little baby boy named Landon! It’s still surreal, and Craig and I thank our lucky stars for this sweet little human we get to call our own. We are truly obsessed with this kid. So much so that after we put him to bed every night, we then lay in bed and look at photos and videos of him (no…really…we do).

We know how many people struggle with infertility (1 in 8, if you’re a statistics kinda person). We know how much it truly hurts. And that’s one of the reasons I wanted to share our story. When we were going through it all, I looked for as many success stories as I could. I needed optimism, encouragement, and support. I’ll also add that if you’re reading this and you’re 1 in 8 who are going through something similar, I’m serious when I say EMAIL ME. I am an open book about our entire journey and I am more than happy to be a listening ear.

I promised myself that for his first year, I would take photos of him every single month to capture his growth. That being said, here are his 6 month photos. I absolutely cannot believe how fast time flies! It seems like we JUST met our doctor. Like we JUST implanted our sweet embryo. Like we JUST went through all of the emotional roller coasters we went through. And here we are…halfway through the first year of life for our wonderful little Landon.

Enjoy the chubbiness! It’s pretty freakin’ adorable!




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