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Award Winner!

Thank you to everyone who supported Sivan Photography in the GetThePicture.tv contest! I received a phone call from them saying that I won!

Here is Manny’s (the man behind the contest!) review on my photo (found on GetThePicture.tv)
Sivan’s winning entry “Stunning Eyes” caught everyones attention. The image impressed our judges and it most certainly caught the eyes of the hundreds of people who voted in the contest. The photograph is remarkable in several ways. The obvious close up of the young girls face gets everyones attention. But Sivan used her skills to make her picture even better. The great use of black and white added a stylized, idealistic feel to the image. The soft lighting worked well within the contrast range of the camera and there was no clutter in the background. The viewers focus is truly on the childs face and ofcourse “Stunning Eyes”. Sivan is a student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

Thanks again everyone!:)

Sarees and Churidars

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing quite the event! It was a 60th birthday party of an Indian man. His son planned the incredible party in his honor. When I got there, I was so happy to see that all of the women wore the traditional Indian sarees and churidars, and they all looked gorgeous in them!

As the evening went on, I learned that I was not simply at a 60th birthday party. It is tradition that when the father turns 60, he and the mother renew their vows. They had a ceremony that morning and the party in the evening. The parents exchange garments and cut the cake, and everyone has such an amazing time! They really showed me a great evening! Everyone at the party was outgoing, happy, and a joy to be with!

As the night was coming to an end, they made sure I did not leave without trying their food! They had fish, chicken, rice, and everything you can image: all spicy and delicious!

While I was enhancing the photos from that night, I smiled from ear-to-ear as I saw pictures of the dancing and all of their smiling faces. This will be an event that will stay with me forever!

To see some more photos from the evening, you can visit my website (SivanPhotography.com), go to Galleries –>Events.

Vote for Sivan Photography!

I recently submitted one of my favorite photographs into a contest on GetThePicture.tv. It is of a beautiful little girl (who happens to be my niece!). The photograph is a black and white close-up of her (the toddler). Out of 700 photographs submitted to the contest, 20 were chosen by judges to be voted on in this upcoming month! And mine was among them!

Voting begins today (July 30, 2009) and ends August 31, 2009.

Even being in the top 20 photos of so many beautiful images is such a great compliment! I hope everyone supports me and my photography by voting for it! The link is:


Thank you so much for your support!:)

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