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Na & Chris: Married!

Na & Chris found me a little while back, and when they described their up-coming wedding to me, I got SO excited! She told me it would be a Cambodian wedding, and part of that entails wearing many different dresses (what can I say, I love dresses!). Their 2-day wedding finally arrived last weekend, and it was definitely one for the books! The ceremony started on Friday morning and lasted throughout the entire day. There were so many unique traditions incorporated into this wedding, I just wish I understood it all (time to do some research!). Every little detail was so meaningful to the Cambodian culture, and the family support was incredible.

Saturday was the reception, which was about 6 hours. This time it was at a reception hall in Haines City (the ceremony was at her parents home). This was a gorgeous location, and it was massive! It had to be to accommodate all 350+ guests! The authentic Cambodian band played throughout the entire evening, and it was all just so incredible. Enjoy the sneak peak: it was so difficult choosing which photos to show for this one!:)

The groom and the guests walked in a parade led by the groom. They eventually met the bride and offered her gifts (which is what everyone here is carrying). Amazing:)

The beautiful reception site

SO many people grouped up for the bouquet toss…even the guys!

I love moments like these

Isn’t she just gorgeous?:)

They had a TEN course meal. That’s right; 10. And it was all *delicious*!

These lovely ladies were part of the Cambodian band and they were fantastic!

The wedding party, bride and groom:)

Meredith & Jeff: Married!

For those of you who don’t remember Jeff & Meredith from before, click on the link to see their engagement session. Their wedding took place in Key Largo this past weekend, and man oh man was it just GORGEOUS! I am guilty of being raised in Florida and having never been to the Keys, so this was very exciting for me. The drive there was absolutely beautiful, and I just couldn’t get over how *perfect* the weather was for an outdoor ceremony in the Keys. I met with Meredith and some of the girls in their hotel room for some getting ready photos, and after a quick bridal portrait session we headed down to the water for the amazing ceremony. It was a quaint wedding with 50 or so guests, and everything was so laid back. The guys wore flip flops and rolled up their pants (so cute!), and many people walked around barefoot for a good portion of it. After the ceremony, we headed to the dock for some sunset photos. Craig and I had a great time with Jeff & Meredith during their portrait session. They are so much in love and just overall happy people. When I looked through the photos for the first time, I smiled almost the entire way through. That’s how you know it was a successful wedding:)The reception was equally as amazing as the ceremony. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we even got to dance with everyone a bit after we finished taking photos. Great wedding!!! Enjoy the sneak peak!

Ring bearer poochy! Rocko is an awesome (and insanely cute) dog.:)

One of my favorites:)

Isn’t she absolutely breathtaking?

Another one of my favorites:)

The day could not have been any more gorgeous (and neither could Jeff & Meredith!)

Some details

Meredith’s gift to Jeff. I think he fell in love with her all over again!

I absolutely loved the lights in the reception hall!

This group did not hold back on partying!

January 19, 2011 - 7:57 pm

Orando Wedding Videographer - Reminisce Productions - Gorgeous photos Sivan. I love the sunset shots and the couple looks really happy! I am a guilty Floridian that has never been to the keys, but I am shooting a wedding in Key West in July. Looking forward to that!

February 1, 2011 - 2:49 pm

Anonymous - Awesome from OEM.

Liz & Brian: Married!

In case you don’t remember (or haven’t seen) Liz and Brian’s engagement session, you can view it by clicking on that link. I met these two love birds at the Your Wedding TV Bridal Show a few months back. There is just something about the two of them that is so amazing, you just can’t help but smile around them. Their love for each other and for life itself shows so much in their personalities, it really is amazing. Craig and I joined them at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Downtown Orlando where they each had separate rooms to get ready in. We then headed toward Rollin’s College to Knowles Chapel for their ceremony (which was GORGEOUS). That was my first time photographing in there and I just loved it so much. The reception took place at Leu Gardens and everything just went *perfectly* for their wedding day. Did I mention that the weather was unbelievably gorgeous? Enjoy their sneak peak! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love the details of her dress! Absolutely stunning:)

If you can’t tell, Liz is a very happy person ๐Ÿ˜€

The guys all taking a part in helping Brian get ready. Such gentlemen:)

Amazing Tiffany’s rings

This is Liz’s stunning mom. I didn’t pose her, by the way…she just really knows how to work the camera!

Okay…this picture right here is the reason I stress having two photographers. Craig caught the perfect moment of Brian’s expression when Liz walked in while I was photographing her entrance. I just LOVE it!

Absolutely beautiful chapel

I wish all venues had two floors so I could get more shots like this!

Brian loves kissing his bride…he can’t get enough!

Brian, you expression is priceless here:)(and yes…the roles were reversed for the placement of the garter!)

A view from outside

The formal dances:)

The next three pictures are my absolute favorites from the entire day. You would think these two were posing for a magazine!

*Breathtaking* couple

I loved this group:)

January 14, 2011 - 8:30 pm

Monica Cullen - Love the photos-you captured the day and gave them beautiful memories!

January 14, 2011 - 10:30 pm

Orlando Wedding Videographer | Reminisce Productions - It was great to work with you Sivan. I love the photos from Rollins. You have such an amazing talent!

Teneisha & David – Engaged!

Teneisha and David are a great couple who met at Duke. Their engagement session was in Downtown Orlando, and we definitely got a good exercise during their 2 hours! Let’s just say that me and downtown are not exactly the best of friends…but thank goodness for smart phones to help find our way to Lake Eola! After a good walk around downtown looking for our destination, we finally got in all of the key shots for the day:)They were such great sports about it, and I really enjoyed photographing them! Keep an eye out for their wedding on 09-10-11 (what an awesome day!!!). Enjoy the sneak peak!

David is a lover of all things game, so I thought taking a picture under this was just appropriate:)

Good things come out of getting lost: we found this gorgeous wall of plants to take a picture by!

Love this one:)

The Hummel Family

Meet the Hummel family! In the contest that I had a while back (The Cutest Kid Contest), I had a very close runner up, and that was the blue-eyed beauty you see in these photos. I wanted to give them a nice discount for being so close to winning the free session, and I am so happy she took me up on the offer! Tate and Brookelyn are very energetic kids, but chasing them around was well worth it for these shots. I love the natural, “kids being kids” feel, and I definitely think that was achieved with these two. Enjoy the sneak peak!:)

No wonder Tate and Brookelyn are so stunning!

I loved when she would start staring off. That dreamy look is just gorgeous!

Their aunt (whoops…I don’t think she knew I took her picture!) deserves some credit for making the kids laugh. I’m pretty sure Woody from Toy Story was doing crazy dance moves on my head at one point…but it worked!

Seriously…she is one of the funniest little girls I have ever met! So many facial expressions!

No posing with this little man! It was strictly chasing after him for photos…but I love the outcome:)

She found some gorgeous flowers and was in her own little world when putting them in the fountain. That’s a true girl right there:)

Poor little guy didn’t want to sit still for even a second! I love how concerned Brookelyn was for him. She’s a great big sister! She would randomly run up and give him hugs just because she can:)

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