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A Good Friend’s Wedding

Megan and Tim are great friends of ours (and also in our wedding party!), and they got married on November 6, 2010 in a beautiful mansion! I was not their “official” photographer, but she asked me to take some photos of her and her bridesmaids getting their hair done the morning of. I’ll take any chance I can to take some photos, especially for such an amazing friend! Here are Megan’s “morning of” photos!:)Enjoy!

I loved her tank top!

The hair salon was so generous! They provided mimosa’s, bagels, and Hershey’s Kisses for us!

Why not take some ring photos while we’re hanging out?

Their theme was black and white, so this chair was perfect!

One of her sweet bridesmaids admiring the ring and the bride:)

Fall has finally arrived in Florida!

It’s finally fall in Florida! The heat this year was intolerable, so I think everyone is happily welcoming the cool weather.
My first “fall session” of the year was of Parker. This is now my 3rd time photographing this little guy, and I have to say, each time he gives me better and better pictures! You would never believe from looking at these photos that the poor guy was teething and not too happy that morning. But with patience and an awesome family to make him laugh (not to mention the poor cats who had to play their part!), we got some great photos!

I lost count of how many times he knocked over the menorah! I guess he loves the loud sound it made hitting the floor…who knows!

I just love love *love* photographing little hands and feet! So itsy bitsy and just adorable!
Notice his mom and dad making some pretty cool faces in this bottom picture? I think it worked!:)

Love this one! Bubbles never fail!

Ah, finally some photos with the menorah standing upright.

The amazing “behind the scenes” family. I didn’t want to torture the two cats anymore by having them in the photos, though they did a great job at making him laugh!

Bring on the winter!

Orlando History Center Wedding

Tiffany & Jason got married in the beautiful Orlando Historic Center downtown. The wedding was quaint and truly unique! I really loved seeing how close everyone in the family was and how great of a couple these two are. They are both such unique and incredible people who were definitely meant to be together! One of my favorite things from this wedding was that Tiffany’s mom made Tiffany’s wedding dress! Each little piece of that dress was so thought out, even the shoes! Here is a sneak peak from their wedding. Enjoy!

Thank you for letting me be part of your special day!

Ocala, FL Wedding

Lauren found me a little less than a year ago, and we clicked from our very first meeting! She is always full of energy and you can’t help but smile when talking to her. I couldn’t wait to meet her soon-to-be hubby, Nick. After meeting him on the wedding day, I saw why they were such a great couple. They are both so optimistic and overall happy people. With that being said, their wedding was just that: SUCH a happy event! Everyone we met was so warm and inviting, and unfortunately the night flew by. But regardless, we got so great photos of a great couple! Congratulations Lauren & Nick!

The boys doing what they do best: Football.

Gorgeous wedding dress!

Having fun in the bridal room!:)

Okay…seriously…how cute? They were made to be together!

Lauren, this is why you are so fun to photograph. Isn’t she stunning?

Who knew that a tacky pink couch could be so perfect for photos?:)

I had to drag them out of the reception for this one! Totally worth it!:)Such a sexy couple!

After I met Lauren, I had this fun idea to get some twine and actually “tie the knot” for some photos! I knew they would be the perfect couple to test this out on!:)

Cutest groom’s cake I have ever seen!

October 13, 2010 - 10:44 am

HannahThompson - Wow the photos came out amazing!!! Looks great!!! :)
maternity wedding dresses

Costume Contest

In the spirit of Halloween, I am having a costume contest! Submit your best costume for a chance to win a **free** session with Sivan Photography!

::What you need to do::
*Submit your photo to SivanPhotography@gmail.com and please write the name(s) of people in the photo! Pets are also good contestants!!! 😉
*Once I have added your photo to the contest album, you can start bringing in your votes!
*To vote, your friends and family must LIKE their favorite photo. Comments do not count as votes, so they need to hit the “like” button!

*As usual, the prize is a free session ($150 value!) with SivanPhotography!:-)

*The contest begins today (October 12th) and ends on November 1st at midnight. The winner will be announced on November 2nd!
*The prize must be used by March 1, 2011.

***All contestants will receive 10% off of any regular package just for entering!:)

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at SivanPhotography@gmail.com

Good luck!!!

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