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Sivan Photography Products

There are more pictures to come soon of various products, but in the mean time I wanted to at least post photos of canvases. If you are interested in purchasing a canvas through me but are not sure what your favorite photo will look like on it, let me know! I can send you a picture of what it would look like on a beautiful canvas!:-)

Cutest Kid Contest!

Sivan Photography Cutest Baby/Toddler/Kid Contest!

Contest Rules:
* Send an e-mail to SivanPhotography@gmail.com with your child’s photo.
* I will load the photo onto the Sivan Photography Facebook fan page.
* On your Facebook status, ask your friends and family to Like the Sivan Photography fan page (Facebook’s new thing is “liking” a fan page rather than “joining” one).
* Once they are part of the Sivan Photography fan page, they should go and “Like” the picture they are voting for.
* The photo with the most “Likes” by August 31, 2010 wins!

What is the grand prize?
~ A free on location photo session ($150 value!!!) with Sivan Photography!

What if I don’t win?
Don’t worry! Just for entering the contest, you will receive 10% off of any package you choose (don’t forget the holiday’s are coming up!). This offer is good until January 1, 2011.

Looking forward to seeing all of the adorable kids out there!

Tropical storm Bonnie vs. Baby girl Lilly (guess who won!)

This morning I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Sarah and Chris, the soon to be parents of baby Lilly. They were such a fun couple to photograph, and they were open for anything! We started downtown by Lake Eola for some fun outdoor photos (look at those blue skies…they were PERFECT!), and then headed back to their house for some other unique shots. With tropical storm Bonnie hanging out, we were worried that this session may not turn out as great as hoped for! With Sarah due in 10 days, it was a close call! But the weather held out all morning and allowed for some terrific photographs! Enjoy the sneak peak!

*Click on photos to enlarge*

A great way to start the day!

This morning I had a session with one of my favorite little guys, Austin! I met his wonderful parents when they were pregnant and looking for some photos to hang onto forever. When he was born, I was invited to their house to take some newborn photos of Austin, and he stole my heart from the moment I met him! I was so extremely excited to see Austin again today, about 4 months after his very first photoshoot. Now he is smiling (even though it was tricky, we managed to get some great ones out of him!!!), and that smile will melt your heart. In the next year I will have the amazing opportunity to see him grow and to capture those special moments for his parents to forever cherish.
I decided to include maternity and infant photos in here so you can join me in seeing his amazing development into the sweetest, most adorable little boy. Enjoy!

**Click on photos to enlarge**

One of my favorite photos from their maternity session
I had two favorites from Austin’s infant session, and this was one of them

And now onto this morning’s session!

I love this! He was so focused on the camera for that split of a second!

It’s true…the first photo of the day is always the best! I absolutely adore this family photo. In my opinion, it’s perfect (props to them)!

Can’t wait for your winter session, Austin!

New Advertisements!

Hi everyone! Here are some fresh, new advertisements that I made for my new website, SivanPhotographyWeddings.com. If you or anyone you know is getting married, please send them this advertisement or send them to my website or blog for more information!:)

Thanks everyone! I truly appreciate it!

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