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Leu Gardens Wedding

Heather and Aldo were an amazing couple to photograph! Their wedding took place in Leu Gardens on a hot, but gorgeous day. These two are a photographers dream; they were so natural together and did not need any help with “posing.” I hope to have many more couples like them!
Enjoy the photos! (click on photos to enlarge)

Lindsay & Tony E-Session

Lindsay and Tony are such a beautiful couple. I did not have to direct them at all during their session, they simply went right into love mode! We had a great time finding good locations, and the weather was perfect!

Jess & Ryan’s Adventerous E-session

This was the most eventful e-session to date for me! To start with, the weather cooperated amazingly well and it did not rain even once (rare for this time of year!). After a hot afternoon of running around various locations for photos, we came across a woodsy area that I just HAD to have photos of them by. Jessica drives a truck that is perfect for off-roading, so to get closer to the area, we did just that. We drove right over the sand (that’s right…the sand…awful idea!) and you can only guess what happened next. While waiting for help to get us out of the sand pit that we dug ourselves into, we ran around to get the last few photos for the day. After AAA refused to help, they finally managed to get the car out with some help of friends! All in all though, it was a GREAT session with an amazing couple!

Bella, sweet Bella

I had such a great time photographing sweet little Bella this week for her 1 year birthday. I have been dying to get my hands on a really cute fluffy tutu, and I finally found one! Good thing Bella’s session was coming up just days after I got the tutu, because she was the perfect little model for it! I was also excited to find my red tutu from my very first dance recital, and she modeled that for me as well ! Bella’s mom did the best job at getting her to smile. It was funny knowing she was behind me jumping up and down making funny noises, and Bella was definitely amused! I am really happy with how the photos came out! I love using props for photos, and thankfully Bella’s mom loves them too:)She brought the ultimate prop – a nice, colorful, messy cupcake! Bella was in the zone as soon as she got her little hands on it! Here are some photos from the session! To see more, visit my website (SivanPhotography.com) or my Facebook fan page (type in Sivan Photography [with the space between the words]) under the “Sweet Kids” album!

Apparently her room is decorated in fairies, so why not put Tink in a picture?:)I had some fun with the fairy thing as you’ll see below…

My favorite

I love that you can see how fluffy that tutu is in here. And Bella is so angelic, too.

This tutu was part of my very first tap costume when I was little! I’m glad those expensive costumes are finally being used again!

Bring on the cupcake!

C o n n e c t   w i t h   U s !
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