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Wyatt’s First Birthday | Orlando Family Photographer | Sivan Photography

I absolutely love seeing families grow, especially when I’ve photographed those couples since before their wedding day! Wyatt is turning one soon, and we had such a great time photographing these three (and 1/2) for his first birthday. You’ll notice that this gorgeous momma has an adorable little belly too, and I cannot wait to find out if they’re expecting another boy, or a baby girl (they’re being way too secretive about it! haha)!

Happy first birthday, Wyatt! <3

Jessica and Nicole | Mommy and Me Session | Orlando Family Photographer

These two have done it again! They’ve stolen my heart in the cutest way possible…a Mommy and Me session! When I saw them standing at our meeting location in their matching outfits (which, by the way, I only recommend matching outfits for sessions that are intended to be adorable, not just any ol’ session!), I did the happy photographer dance!

I’ve been photographing Jess and her family for a few years now, and each session just makes me love this family more and more. We’re always doing something different, and the kids are always so flippin’ amazing! The fact that Jess took Nicole out for a mommy/daughter day prior to the session was just the cherry on top. I know Nicole will remember this special day, and she will now have pictures to prove how incredible it was!

I can’t wait to see what our next photo-adventure will be, Jess! In the meantime, enjoy your sneak peek and thank you for being simply incredible! <3


January 12, 2017 - 7:03 pm

Morgan Ellis - Those outfits are beyond adorable!

2016 Weddings | Sivan Photography | Orlando Wedding Photographer

2016 has been a whirlwind for us, both personally and professionally! We have worked with so many amaaaaazing couples, each with unique personalities and weddings to match! There is something so special about the connection we have with our brides and grooms, and we value each and every one of you more than you’ll ever know. Seriously. We adore you!

In addition to working with 15 wonderful couples for their big day this year, we were also beyond excited to announce that we are expecting our first baby (a boy!) this coming March. After many years of trying to start our family, 2016 has shown to be the best year yet with the success of our IVF treatment and the immense support by our brides and grooms. The words “thank you” honestly do not do any justice to how we feel, and we’re elated with the response from our wonderful, perfect clients (not just our brides and grooms, but every single family and person we’ve worked with this year!).

I wanted to recap this year in a short blog post, and please feel free to click on each bride and groom’s name to view their full wedding feature! Congratulations to all of our new Mr’s and Mrs’ from this year. We are incredibly excited for you all and can’t wait to to see you again sometime!

Mr. and Mrs. Curll – Metrowest Country Club

Mr. and Mrs. McKeever – Paradise Cove

Mr. and Mrs. Way – Bella Collina

Mr. and Mrs. Hodges – Winter Park Racquet Club

Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy – Paradise Cove

Mr. and Mrs. Benson – Paradise Cove

Mr. and Mrs. Torres – Royal Crest Room

Mr. and Mrs. Riebl – Dr. Phillips Center

Mr. and Mrs. McMorrough – The Peachtree House

Mr. and Mrs. Phillips – Citrus Club

Mr. and Mrs. Oldham – Paradise Cove

Mr. and Mrs. Young – Paradise Cove

Mr. and Mrs. Campion – Estate on the Hallifax

Mr. and Mrs. Bottinelli – Bella Collina

Mr. and Mrs. Bock – Paradise Cove

Sivan Photography 2016 Holiday Mini Sessions | Orlando Photographer

Happy holidays from Sivan Photography to you!

Now that the holiday week is here (who else is excited?!), we wanted to share a snippet from our holiday mini sessions this year!

We had the pleasure of working with 26 amazing families over a period of two days in November, and below are some sneaks from each family’s session. From fur-children, to newborns, to simply couples in love, we had a beautiful variety of families join us this year! Next year, our main set will be something different than our Christmas trees. We are so excited about it and cannot wait to share more details with you all!

If you would like to be added to our First to Know email list for our 2017 Boutique Holiday Minis, please send us an email to info@sivanphotography.com! We will be releasing a newsletter in summer 2017 to begin booking for the November 2017 minis, and whoever is on our First to Know list will get first dibs on spots!

We hope you all have a WONDERFUL holiday season! 

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Cancervivor Session | Sivan Photography | No One Fights Alone

Truthfully, I’m not sure how to start this post. Yes, I can skip right to the photos (and so can you), but I hope you’ll take the time to read what I have to say before skipping onto the good part.

If you are in Central Florida, there’s a good chance you know who Michele Mann is. Before being “the makeup artist who is going through hell,” she was “Michele Mann, M3’s owner and lead makeup artist.” She was just entering her 30’s and loving life to its full potential! When we heard about each other, we met up for coffee to get acquainted. I remember looking at her perfect blonde hair and adorable dress (I think it was white…don’t ask me how I remember that!) and thinking “ahh, I adore this girl and want to be her friend!” There was something so charming about her! Needless to say, we hit it off immediately. The next time we saw each other was at the open house for our studio. After that…everything went downhill for her..and fast. 

I remember seeing some posts on Facebook about how she was diagnosed with a rare and awful form of cancer (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). Then, she started something that I knew would be such a great outlet for her, and also an inspiration for others. She started her own blog where she wrote anything and everything…no filters! Definitely make sure to check out the blog in that link!

In the middle of her chemotherapy, she and I decided we’re going to do something fun. Something to kind-of-sort-of take their mind off of all of the hell they’re going through (they being her and her family, of course). We met up for a No One Fights Alone session (<–take a look!), and while I know they had a good time, I could also tell Michele was really struggling. All of the medication she was on was making it physically difficult for her to even smile (as in…her skin was so tight that she literally could barely form a smile without pain). Regardless, she put on that Michele fighter face and made damned sure she was going to let herself have some fun that morning! I think it was that day, or shortly after, that we decided when she is better, we will do a Cancervivor Session.

As we talked about the details of her session, it quickly morphed from just a standard photo shoot to something extra special. Details came together from where we would do the session (our studio), to what outfits she would wear (including gorgeous dresses from Solutions Bridal!), all the way to having a few custom items put together for her (a cocoon made by her friend Greg, and a stunning floral wall by Dazzling Deco!).

I gave her one homework assignment to work on before the session, which was to come up with 3-4 stages of her experience with cancer, and provide me with some quotes that represent each stage (and that helped push her to where she is today).

Each stage is represented in the photos below. Michele is such a fighter, which you can see from reading her blog. She has been through hell and back, and that blondie who I met a few years ago is now a new (brunette!) woman who is full of even more life than before the awful C-word. She has been an inspiration to me, and I know to so many others. There are moments you take for granted, and there are “experiences” you let get under your skin which are so meaningless (her example that always sticks with me is getting mad when you’re stuck in traffic…what a waste of energy!). She has shown me how to love the life you’re given, appreciate those around you, and live every moment to its fullest. It’s not always possible, we all know this, but if we can take a moment to stop and think about what’s happening and whether this is really something to be upset about, I think everyone be much happier all around.

Below are the images which represent Michele’s journey through surviving cancer. The studio was full of excitement, and a little sadness while reliving her low moments, the day of this session. We played different music for each stage that would help pull Michele into the direction of that moment.

Stage 1 – In the Cocoon: This is before her transplant. This is finding out she has cancer, doing chemotherapy, taking pills, and essentially becoming very sick and weak. Her prognosis was extremely poor at this point, and had she come in much later, chances of survival would have been even slimmer.

Stage 2 – Rebirth: This is when she received her stem cell transplant. The future was such an unknown, and it was terrifying for her and her family. With the gorgeous custom cocoon made from scratch from a friend of Michele’s, we were able to represent her emerging into a new, beautiful, healthy butterfly!

Stage 3 – Enlightenment: From her rebirth, she began gaining strength both physically and mentally, though there were still many unknowns circling her life. “Moment,” the first dress she is wearing, captures the period of her life where though there were bad days (hospital visits and more), the good days were starting to emerge.

Stage 4 – Hope of Life: The new Michele! She is alive, in remission, and has a future ahead of her. She’s also even more spunky than before! Michele is now on a mission to inspire others, to find her voice, and to lead a happy and healthy life.

Stage 1 – In the Cocoon

Stage 2 – Rebirth

Stage 3 – Enlightenment

Stage 4 – Hope of Life

If you are interested in sharing these photos, please make sure to credit ALL vendors involved (listed below) out of respect for Michele and the team who put this shoot together. Please ensure to never crop out logos or alter the photos in any way. Thank you! 


Photographer: Sivan Photography

Studio: Studio Adorn

Dresses: Solutions Bridal

Custom Floral Wall: Dazzling Deco

Custom Cocoon: Greg (friend of Michele’s)

Hair and Makeup: M3 Makeup

 Behind the scenes video of Enlightenment:

C o n n e c t   w i t h   U s !
A w a r d s   a n d   R e v i e w s